"Traveling is walk toward the horizon, meet each other, know, discover and return richer than when he started path." (Luis Sepùlveda)


Gulf of Naples

The Gulf of Naples (Italian: Golfo di Napoli; Neapolitan: Gurfo ‘e Napule; Latin: Crater), also called the Bay of Naples, is a roughly 15-kilometer-wide (9.3 mi) gulf located along the south-western coast of Italy (province of Naples, Campania region). It opens to the west into the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered on the north by the …

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Naples underground

Running beneath the Italian city of Naples and the surrounding area is an underground geothermal zone and several tunnels dug during the ages. This geothermal area is present generally from Mount Vesuvius beneath a wide area including Pompei, Herculaneum, and from the volcanic area of Campi Flegrei beneath Naples and over to Pozzuoli and the …

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Veiled Christ

The Veiled Christ (Italian: Cristo velato) is a marble sculpture made by Giuseppe Sanmartino and preserved in the Cappella Sansevero, Naples. The sculpture, produced in 1753, is considered one of the world’s most remarkable sculptures. Antonio Canova who once tried to acquire the work declared that he would willingly give up ten years of his …

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